Attendance at school is compulsory, five days a week. Apart from the legal requirements for attendance, it is important that students gain continuity in their education in order to move ahead as they should. Regular attendance at school is essential if students are to maximise their potential. Zahra Grammar School, in partnership with parents, are responsible for promoting the regular attendance of students. While parents are legally responsible for the regular attendance of their children, school staffs, as a part of their duty of care, monitor part or whole day absences.

Importance of Attendance

Attendance at school, in particular primary school, exposes children to opportunities to develop the basic building blocks for learning and educational attainment. It also helps develop social skills such as friendship building, teamwork, communication skills and healthy self-esteem. Children who are regularly absent from school are at risk of missing out on these critical stages of educational development and may experience long-term difficulties with their learning, resulting in fewer educational and employment opportunities.  Research has shown that absenteeism can also exacerbate issues of low self-esteem, social isolation and dissatisfaction.

Prayer and Masjid Attendance

As Muslims we know that it’s our duty for our five daily prayers.  At Zahra Grammar, Zuhr prayer constitutes a very important part of our school day.  Students from Year 3 and above pray Zuhr and Jumuah in congregation. All Muslim staff; male and female are required to attend Zuhr and Jumuah prayer with the students at the Masjid.

Teachers are always there to encourage and help the students when it’s time to make wudu (ablution) and assemble for prayer.

Responsibility of Zahra Grammar

The Principal and teaching staff are responsible for supporting the regular attendance of students by:

  • Providing a caring, teaching and learning environment which fosters students’ sense of wellbeing and belonging to the school community
  • Recognising and rewarding excellent and improved student attendance
  • Maintaining accurate records of student attendance
  • Implementing programs and practices to address attendance issues if and when they arise
  • Providing clear information to students and parents regarding attendance requirements and the consequences of unsatisfactory attendance
  • Requesting that any absences must be explained in writing upon students return to school
  • Requesting an explanation from parents for any absences exceeding three (3) days where notification has not been received

Student Extended Absence Request

If a long-term student absence is anticipated, then a ‘Student Extended Absence Request Form’ should be filled out before the absence and presented to the office admin staff, which is then passed onto the Principal for reviewing and approval. Student Extended Absence Request Forms can be obtained from the school office. If a child is absent through illness or any other unforeseen reason, then a note should be produced on the first day back to school and presented to the classroom teacher. In cases when parents know that an illness or injury will prevent attendance for two (2) or more days, it is advisable to phone the school office and inform the office admin staff. All parents must update their home and emergency details when necessary.

Arriving Late to School

If a student(s) arrives late to school, they must do the following:

  • Report to the office immediately on arrival and receive a late slip
  • The late slip is to be signed by the office staff
  • The student must give the late slip to their class teacher(s) who will record the time in the attendance register(s)
  • Parents will be contacted where a student(s) has been late more than three (3) days in a term

Leaving School Early

If a student(s) needs to leave school early, they must do the following:

  • A parent must sign out at the front office and will receive an early leave slip
  • The office staff will deliver the early leave slip to the class teacher at the time of leaving
  • The class teacher will record the time in the attendance register(s)