About Us

Zahra Grammar is an Islamic School that aims to provide quality education for students from Kindergarten through to Year 5.

Zahra Grammar was established in January 2018 and is a family and community school that offers an alternative educational solution for the Muslim Community.  It has a dual role of providing the overall development of each individual student as well as to facilitate parents to be more effective educators to their children outside of school hours.

At Zahra Grammar we aim to fulfil by first acknowledging the roles of the parents as the primary educators for their children.  The role of the school is to help facilitate and reinforce the standards and values within the family home. Students can only achieve success with strong bonds and partnerships between school and home. This collaborative approach develops a sense of value and belonging, creating trust and strengthening community relationships.

Our commitment is to raise well-rounded individuals who make an ongoing, positive impact in the wider community. They are our ambassadors equipped with Zahra Grammar values to serve local and global communities.

In all aspects of learning at Zahra Grammar, we emphasis honesty, integrity, respect, freedom and many other moral and ethical values.

All students need a healthy balance between school work and recreation. We celebrate our students’ determination and resilience in individual and team sports. In our approach we emphasis the values of sportsmanship and fair-play, rather than a focus on outcomes.