Enrolment Form

Enrolment Information


This application does not guarantee enrolment.
A non-refundable application fee of $100.00 is payable at the time of making the application.
ALL disabilities and health problems requiring medication, assistance. etc. must be declared.
School fees are strictly due by the end of Week 2 of each term.
Tuition and book fees are subject to change without prior notice.
Students can be enrolled in Kindergarten if they turn 5 years on or before 31 March of that year.

The following documents must be submitted to support the enrolment:
– Student’s Birth Certificate
– Student’s School Reports for the previous two (2) years (if applicable)
– Student’s Immunisation History
– State/National Test Results (if applicable)

Please download the form below to submit your enrolment.

ZGS Enrolment Form

Conditions of Enrolment and Admission

The student must attend school throughout the school year. In term-time, attendance is compulsory from Monday to Friday inclusive, during school hours.

A request by a parent or guardian for leave of absence for a student must be made in writing at least one (1) month in advance. Such leave will only be granted for medical or special reasons. In the case of absence due to infectious illness, accident, etc., the parent or guardian must notify the school as soon as possible.

If a student has been absent, with leave previously granted or without (minor illness, etc.), on return to school the student must bring a letter from their parent or guardian explaining the absence. A doctor’s certificate is required in the event of prolonged sickness.

If a student is absent during term time and no explanation is received, the absence will be reported to the parent or guardian and an explanation will be required.

Unless it is requested by a parent or guardian, unexplained prolonged absenteeism will be reported to the relevant government agencies under mandatory reporting regulations.

Administration and Conduct

Parents and their children agree to be bound by the rules of the school and undertake to ensure that the student complies at all times with any policies, programs and code of behavior stipulated from time to time by the school for its students. Parents undertake to support the school’s decision in relation to behavior of students.

The school may remove a student whose conduct or progress is considered to be unsatisfactory. If a student is removed during the term, the school is entitled to retain or be paid the term fees due.

All students must wear school uniform as detailed in the student handbook. Students who fail to attend school with proper uniform or appearance may be excluded form attending the classes until the issue is resolved.

Promotion from year to year and retention in the school depends upon progress and conduct of the student.

Prompt notice to the School is required in case of any change to:
– Address and/or contact details, and
– Family, guardianship and/or custody arrangements.

The details provided above will be used to communicate with parents or guardians via text message or e-mail where necessary.

The school may publish photographs of your child and/or sample of work completed by your child and use the still/running images and/or voice of your child for promotional or educational purposes. This could include, but are not limited to school newsletters (online and printed), school intranet, school websites, school magazines, yearbooks, local or community newspapers, banners, media releases, social media, and TV/radio advertisements.

Students misbehaving in the public/private school bus service may receive short or long term suspensions from the bus service. Continual misconduct may result in expulsion from the service.

Students misbehaving in excursions or in-school activities may be excluded from similar activities in the future as part of their punishment.


All school fees are payable by the end of Week 2 of each term.

If unforeseen difficulty is experienced, the parent should notify the school as soon as possible.

The family of any student causing damage to the school will be liable for the payment of damages incurred.

No remission of fees either in whole or in part shall be made if the student is absent from the school for any reason.

The cost of school excursions, incursions, camps and other activities is to be paid in addition to school fees unless otherwise advised.


The parent or guardian of the student agrees that personal data provided may be used and retained by the school for the following purposes and for other purposes as shall be agreed between the parent or guardian and school or required by law from time to time:
– Conveying relevant information to the government or its representative authorities and to education authorities to comply with statutory and/or legal obligations
– Provisions of services and goods by the school
– Marketing of services and goods by the school
– Processing of any payments, direct debit and/or credit card facilities as requested by the family
– Enabling the daily operation of the student account and the collection of amounts outstanding in the account

The school may give information about the family to a credit reporting agency for the following purposes:
– To notify the agency of a default by the family
– To facilitate collection of amounts outstanding under the account

Default and Consequences

If a family defaults in payment of any invoice when due, the family shall indemnify the school from and against all the school’s costs and disbursements, including collection agency and solicitor costs.

Without prejudice, if at any time the family is in breach of any obligations, the school may suspend or terminate the supply of goods or services to the family and any of its obligations under the terms and conditions. The school shall not be liable to the family for any loss or damage the family suffers because the school has exercised its right under the clause.

In the event that any money payable to the school becomes overdue, or in the school’s opinion the family will be unable to meet its payments as they feel due them, the school at its discretion may be entitled to terminate the enrolment contract. All amounts owing to the school shall become immediately due and payable.

Consent for Emergency Treatment and Excursions

Parents must ensure that the school is advised at the interview or in writing of any disabilities, allergic reactions or medical conditions affecting the students. An emergency contact name and telephone number must be provided to the school and kept updated at all times.

In the event of an accident or sudden illness where the student is under the schools care, the school will endeavor to contact parents as soon as possible without delaying the school in taking action as set out below.

If judged necessary by the school and where no contact has been made and without subjecting the school to liability, a student may be taken for emergency treatment to a hospital or doctor or may be given first aid. When contact is made with the parents; arrangements will be made for the care of the student to be handed over to the parents or guardians. Any expenses incurred in connection with such treatment will be met by the parents.

It is a condition of enrolment and admission that consent is given by parents for a student to take part in any excursion held for the purpose of furthering the study of any course or subject taught by the school or as part of a program of tutorial activities or for any other purposes approved by the Principal, provided that the excursion will be under the care and direction of a teacher or teachers or the school and provided that a special form of consent is issued.