Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is central to the ethos and identity of Zahra Grammar. The role of schools as an educational institution is to encourage excellence, the pursuit of learning and the care of all individual students.

The primary purpose of our school is to promote physical, social, intellectual, emotional and spiritual development of students. The philosophies underpinning pastoral care, the active pursuit of programs and practices aimed at promoting and supporting wellbeing and school ethos, the climate and atmosphere in which students and staff learn and work, are all complementary.

The Student Welfare Policy of the school is closely linked to the pastoral care guidelines to promote a respectful, safe and healthy environment for the whole school community. Pastoral care is most effective when committed individuals in schools, acting in strong partnerships with parents, implement it. It is imperative that the self-worth of every member of the school community is respected and promoted.

In addressing pastoral care, Zahra Grammar:

  • Counselling for students
  • Assistance to parents or carers to make informed decisions about their child’s education
  • Assessing of students learning and behaviour
  • Identifying and addressing disabilities that affect students learning
  • Liaising with other agencies concerning the wellbeing of students

Ultimately the wellbeing of the school community is an integral factor in the pursuit of happiness and for effective learning and teaching. The wellbeing of the whole school community will be enhanced by the creation of a culture that reflects a positive attitude towards learning and the achievement of educational outcomes.

Additional support will be provided to students with special needs. The school will seek assistance and advice from AIS (NSW).