Child Protection

Zahra Grammar School is committed to delivering a safe and caring environment for every student. The School recognises the importance of adopting preventative measures in protecting students from harm and neglect and will implement programs to raise awareness of students, staff and the community about child protection issues. The school has developed a Child Protection Policy to be implemented by all persons employed or engaged by the school in any capacity. This will ensure a safe environment for students at all times. Student Rights and Responsibilities


    • Be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy
    • Have their personal information treated with confidentiality
    • Be valued as individuals and feel safe at all times
    • Express themselves in an Islamic and responsible manner
    • Ask for help from school staff members when required
    • Be provided with effective and positive teaching
    • Have reasonable access to their teachers
    • Be informed regularly about their progress
    • Be provided with all relevant information regarding assessments
    • Be informed of school decisions which affect them
    • Have their property respected


    • Treat all members of the school community with dignity, respect and courtesy
    • Value the individual differences of others
    • Listen and be open to others’ points of view
    • Utilise the school’s services appropriately
    • Take advantage of learning opportunities and to allow others to do the same
    • Cooperate with the teaching processes of the classroom
    • Seek assistance as required
    • Listen to and act on progress reports from teachers
    • Meet assessment criteria
    • Take advantage of decision-making opportunities
    • Take pride in their personal grooming and wear school uniform correctly
    • Maintain a safe, clean and attractive environment
    • Respect all property
    • Abide by all school rules and protocol